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Protect your investment with preventative maintenance of Gutter Systems

With the recent heavy rainfall experienced across the much of the UK - leaks in our clients guttering systems are becoming more and more frequent highlighting the dangers in 'fix-and-forget' mentality with little (or in most cases none!) maintenance carried out. This will ultimately lead to water damage to your property and encourages mould growth and damp.
Why not follow the following preventative maintenance steps before its too late!  
  1. Ensure the Gutter is free of debris
  • Clean the Gutters every 6 month's (every quarter where exposed to heavy leaf fall from nearby trees).
  • Remove debris using a trowel or hand-made scoop (i.e. cup!).
  • Pay special attention to the gutter running outlet areas (the fitting that connects the gutter to the downpipe) ensuring that nothing falls into the downpipe.
  • To protect the gutter system from said debris going forwards...
    • Fit a gutter brush into the profile of the gutter. Gutter brushes helps maintain water flow by protecting gutters from the ingress of leaves, twigs, birds and rodents whilst still allowing rain water pass through freely. 
    • Place an outlet leaf guard over outlet fixing to prevent downpipe blockages caused by leaves or other debris in the gutter.

  • Fixing leaking gutters
  • Rubber gutter seals are a common cause of gutter leaks and can be swapped for replacement seals. However, it is far easier to replace the whole fitting for only a few pounds expenditure.
  • To do so, unclip the gutter profile from the brackets and remove the affected fitting, ensuring that you replace with a 'like-for-like', i.e. same manufacturer profile to ensure 100% compatibility. Having said this, most 'Half Round Gutter' are compatible with each other, as our a number of 'Square Gutter' systems but it is better to ask your local supplier first.

  • Unblock the Downpipes
  • Rainwater pipes do not usually block completely but if it does it should be removed and cleaned (or if too damaged replaced).
  • Typically blockages in downpipes are found at the bottom of the pipe, in either the pipe shoe or a drainage gully.
    • Downpipe shoes can be cleaned by pulling them off from the downpipe and removing the debris.
    • Drainage gullies have an insert that can be removed for cleaning.

  • Cleaning your Gutters every 6 months will help keep your investment looking it's best through wiping down with a UPVC cleaner.

If you need further assistance in deciding what's the best cause of action then please contact the NGS Plastics Sales Team on 01603 253 570 who will be more than happy to give you independent and impartial advise!


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  • Steve Bowles