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Hunter Plastic Solvent Waste

Hunter Plastics Solvent Weld Waste System offers a comprehensive range available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm diameters. Parts are Solvent Weld which is specifically designed for jointing with Hunter solvent cement.

Hunter Plastic Solvent Waste

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UPVC Waste Access Cap (Spigot Tail)


£1.34 (incl. VAT)
Hunter UPVC Solvent 32 mm Waste Access Cap (Spigot Tail)

Hunter UPVC Waste Access Cap (Spigot Tail)

£1.34 (incl. VAT)

Purpose: Spigot Tail Access Plug. Fitted to any socket to allow for pipe cleaning or inspection. Fitting Tips: Ensure pipe ends are chamfered and lubricated and apply a liberal coat of Hunter Solvent Cement to both surfaces (pipe + fitting) and twist together to form a tight connection. Wipe off any excess cement. Available in Colours: Black, Gr...


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